missing person- lee kong&bong qiu

Missing person – American man Bret Decker = Bong Qiu(Chinese name).In the first half of 1999 (when he was middle-aged) lived in room 204 of Shipai Campus Experts’ Building of South China Normal University when his phone number was 204 86-020-85211083;in the first half of 1999, he taught me oral English in South China Normal University 。The spoken English class was high-scores’ students of 1997-admission of the Department of Mathematics, South China Normal University, consisting of around 7males-7females’ students;so there were a dozen people,;this course was our students’ oral elective .He often organized extra-curricular activities, such as Halloween evening activities. then the venue of having class was mainly on the second floor of the Second Classroom Building .He was around 175 cm and 75kg – How to contact him ? Thank you! Please let me know.
And another?
Missing person-Malaysian Chinese Li Guangming(Chinese name) (Lee Kong) lived in Room16 ,Central area 204,next to the original Experts‘ Building of Shipai Campus of South China Normal University ( tel 86-020-85211077 ) in the first half of 1999.He was wearing glasses , a little shorter and smaller,165cm,50kg.
Then he was in his 30s (around 30 years old at the time);In the first half of 1999 he taught me the Bible and Christianity in South China Normal University .He was a foreign student in China then 。That summer in July 1999 he was back. I had said goodbye to him. He then gave me the address of thebelow
251, Taman Dusun Setia,
70100 Seremban ,
Negeri Sembilan,
. How can I contact him on? Thank you! Please let me know